Streaming Audio with Microsoft ASF


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This slide show was narrated without a script, so expect some mindless blather in spots. The slide show was made without without taking all the good advice I give you about leaving two-second buffers at the beginning and end of ASF files. As a result, you'll hear a few seconds of distorted audio at the beginning of some clips, and you'll hear me cut the end of some clips right in the middle of a word. Do as I say, not as I do.

P.S. I mention that you must compress audio before converting it. Not exactly true. You don't have to compress it, but if you do, it must be done before conversion to ASF. Why compress? If your target audience is using 28.8 modems, my experience is that you'll only get about 20 kilobits per second. Your audio shouldn't use more than about half of that so you'll have enough bandwidth left to load pictures. TrueSpeech compression uses a constant 8 kilobits per second (one kilobyte per second). This leaves about 12 kilobits (1.3 kilobytes) per second for your pictures. Which means a 13kb picture will take about 10 seconds to load. Which means you should plan on talking about your picture for at least ten seconds (to give it time to finish loading) before loading a different picture.