Creating an Index File


If your web server doesn't allow directory browsing, here's a quick way to create an index file.

I was creating a CDROM version of a web site when I hit a problem. The CDROM I was making had a small embedded web server, but that server didn't allow directory browsing! And I didn't want the drudge work of manually creating default web pages. The first script I wrote just made a page of links, but I REALLY wanted icons. So I ended up with two ways of doing it:

XBM is a black and white plain-text graphic format that IE on XP/SP2 doesn't seem to like. Works fine everywhere else.
GIF works everywhere every time. Even on really bad browsers like IE.

  As you'll discover, after creating the indexing scripts, I decided to use them to create all my "download" web pages. They're not just for CDs!

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