Scripted VirtualDub Job Creation


This script creates a VirtualDub "jobs" file to help automate repetitive tasks. It uses a pre-existing VCF file (saved VirtualDub settings) to build the "jobs" file. The VBS script is used to apply identical video processing settings to all video files in a directory. To download the script, click the "Download Now!" icon near the top-right of this page. If  this script isn't enough for you, you may want to check out DubMan from Jeff Myers.


This VBScript for VirtualDub allows you to automate the creation of a VirtualDub "Job Control" (.jobs) file. The created job file will apply the same video and audio processing to groups of files -- in fact, it will apply your filter rules to every video file in a target directory. The starting point for determing what filtering and processing is to be applied is a saved VirtualDub "Configuration" (.vcf) file.

See a demo of how to save VirtualDub configurations into a VCF file.

After you have some saved settings, you can start the script by specifying everything on the command line, but nobody does that! It means typing. I hate typing. Just run the script by double-clicking it. It will ask you for the path to the VCF file you want to use and ask you for all the other things it needs. After the script runs, you'll have a new jobs file! Open VirtualDub, select File / Job Control, then select File / Load Job List. Run the job to process all your movies. Simple.




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