User Access Control (UAC) Prompt


Windows Vista requires a UAC prompt any time administrative rights are needed. Windows XP and 2K require a "Run As" prompt if the current user isn't an administrator. Here's how to add this needed functionality to any script.

UAC Standalone Subroutine  Here's a single subroutine you call first thing in your script. It checks the operating system and administrative status and re-launches the wscript as needed. If a UAC or RUNAS prompt isn't needed, the subroutine exits without doing anything. If a prompt is needed, a separate temporary script is generated in the root, control is passed to that script, and the original script shuts down. The temporary script then relaunches the original script with the "runas" argument to the Shell.Application's "ShellExecute" method. An effort is made to try to pass all script arguments to the re-launched script. 

UAC Multiple Subroutines  Here's a collection of subroutines that does the same thing as the above script. The difference is that the functions are all broken out. There's a function to determine the operating system, a function to determine the user name, another to determine if a given user is an administrator, one to determine if a UAC prompt is really needed, and even a few bonus functions to determine if WMI is installed and if Windows Scripting is working correctly (you'd be surprised!). Oh yes... There's also a function to generate the UAC prompt.

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