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A few scripters asked me (and I wondered myself!) how to find the IP address of the PC the script is running on. I did a quick Internet search, and instead of finding a FREE control to get the IP address, all I found was shareware and source code for standalone programs. Well, I kicked myself when I saw in the source code that all I had to do was use the "LocalIP" property of the Winsock control. I decided to write my own control. It's yours if you want it. Click the "Download Now!" icon near the top of this text to get the DLL and source code.

p.s.  If you have a Microsoft development tool (like Visual Basic) installed on your computer, you should be able to access the Winsock control directly without my program! Assuming you have the Winsock control! Try it out. You have nothing to lose. Here is sample VBS code:

set wsk = CreateObject("MSWinsock.Winsock")
msgbox wsk.LocalIP
If you have Visual Basic 5 and still have problems, you might want to investigate a license-fixing tool Microsoft released:

You can get a CAB file containing the Winsock control here:

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