@echo off :: This batch file will create an HTML Application (HTA). :: Values entered in the HTA will be saved as %TEMP%\USERIN.BAT :: After the USERIN.BAT is CALLed from the main batch :: (and assuming there is enough room in the environment) :: environmental variables USERNAME and PASSWORD will be set. :: It is your responsibility to delete the USERIN.BAT :: after you CALL it. Because this batch file needs to :: find itself, you must be sure to call it from your :: main batch file with a full path and file name. :: Written and tested under Win95. NT/2000/XP users will :: have to do some modifications before it will work. :: For example, %0 changes to %f0 :: Public Domain. Use freely. No guarantees! It may not work! :: http://www.ericphelps.com cls echo Please enter your user name and password in the entry box... :: See if I can find myself If not exist %0 goto ERROR :: Make the web page type %0 | find " " | find /v "Not Me!" > %TEMP%\UserIn.hta :: Run the vbs code start /w %TEMP%\UserIn.hta :: At this point a batch file "%TEMP%\UserIn.bat" exists and you should :: call it! If you don't call the batch file here and instead opt to :: call it from another batch file, be sure NOT to delete it in the :: "Clean up" code section below! call %TEMP%\UserIn.bat echo Your user name is %USERNAME% echo Your password is %PASSWORD% :: Clean up del %TEMP%\UserIn.hta del %TEMP%\UserIn.bat goto DONE :ERROR cls echo %0 is not the full path and file name echo for the batch file. You MUST call this echo batch file with a full path and file name. goto DONE :HTA :: All HTA code MUST be indented four or more spaces. :: NOTHING else in this batch file may be indented four spaces. Password Entry
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